Twitter Enterprise Design System
What does Feather do

Feather is the design system for Twitter enterprise products, including Figma design assets, design guidelines, react & CSS component, sandbox and more. Feather serves Twitter internal tools, and the core advertising products. We have multiple core players who are designers and developers who contribute to the design system constantly, we work closely and move rapidly to make the design system move fast and to delivered best user experience to our customers.

Why Feather

My Role

To build and maintain a successful design system, I work with cross-functional teams to collect component use cases inside Twitter to ensure the system can align with various customer needs. I cooperate with other designers and content strategists to define the visual elements of the design system, create a unified, cohesive set of UX & UI guidelines in addition to component libraries across Twitter enterprise products. I also work with Feather front-end team to build react components and polish the interaction details.

If you are interested in the feather design system, please contact me for more details.