Better collaboration and communication between knowledge workers
What does MetaWorks do

75% of knowledge workers expect a shift to hybrid work, which means their daily communication and cooperation will happen remotely. Users want to look great, share content seamlessly and communicate with rich reactions while working remotely, which increased the adoption of work peripherals (e.g., monitors and webcams) to improve productivity. However, the current HW and SW on the market are insufficient. They need an eco-system-level solution to help them better work together.

My Role

My job at Meta is to improve the overall experience from conference spaces to remote environments. I drove multiple product areas and worked closely with XFN partners to provide solutions to enhance presence, communication, and collaboration. The projects I drove included in-conf-room hardware setups for different spaces, MetaCam that improves remote users' presence, and Smart director AI that better follows human activities, conversations, and knowledge sharing.

Conference room setup & hardware designs

I collaborate with XFN partners to dig deep into users' daily lives and truly understand their pain points. I work closely with cross-functional teams to build an eco-system to support day-to-day knowledge worker needs in the conference room and from their desks.

MetaWorks in 3D

As a pioneer in Metaverse, we have the ability to provide immersive solutions across 2D and 3D.

If you are interested in my work on MetaWorks, please contact me for more details.