The motion graphic is designed for Google I/O event, and the whole idea is about how I meet O and then change the whole world. I attached Google products in the video and the world changed because them. And also, people have been inspired by it and our life, the whole world is different.

From idea to storyboard, frame design and illustration, and finial motion graphic design, I've learnt a lot about motion and frames. And thanks to Pro. Minho, who is a super great teacher, I've made it out. And after this project, I made some other interesting project in motion graphic way, which is very interesting and exciting.

How it looks

The I/O created the virtual digital world and it's a new world for all humans who are living on the earth.


Storyboard & Frame Design

It's very important for a good design to tell a story instead of simple effects. So to make a great and meaningful storyboard is necessery before I animate everything.