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The Live Savannah project is sponsered by hp and it's a cooperation (CLC project) of hp + SCAD. The main point of the project is to spread hp's new technology and let more users to use it. There's an APP called LinkReader which is launched by hp and it could be used to combin digital and real materials. We've communicated with people from hp and get deep understand of the core technology and also the goal they want to achieve. And after all we launched the interesting project.And now it is spreading to almost 10 states in USA.

My role in the project is Interactive developer, Visual and Lead Motion designer. Our teams focus on digging valuable places in Savannah and find new interactive ways to combine reality and technology. It’s great experience to work with designers come from different fields.It’s interesting to hear different voices base on different background. And also, we are making super fun project together and it will be finished in the end of November. Base on the policy, I cannot upload details about the project now, but it will be unveiling soon.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion designed by: Wen Wang
Tanner Reed Scarr
Timothy Skinner
Project Sponsered by hp.