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Parking Sharing APP (Mobile Based)

Zipparc a mobile based parking tool to help users find available parking spots nearby, they can get detailed information from Zipparc and know how many spots are available in nearest parking lot, and how much they should pay for it. The APP is connected with hardware that installed in parking lots, so all data users get is real time data, and also, they can get drive route on the APP to get parking lot and make a payment easily through Zipparc, the entire process is only three clicks: find, guide, and pay.

I cooperated with a Chinese Team which including 4 developers and no designers (lol). It was a very special experience for me to work remotely with people who are in very different time zone with me. My job is more like a project manager plus full-stack designer.

I started with user research, and all the data of users is from my team in China, so I need to utilize it and collect competitors’ information to build scenarios. After this, I started prototype and wireframe design, we scope our goals and plan roadmap on meetings, and designed hi-fi mockup and interactions use, we released couple internal versions to test our product and make it simple and easy to use, and bring smooth user experience.

I designed three different versions for both iOS and Android devices. And developers connect these testing devices with hardwares they installed in parking lots to detect users activities. It running smoothly for now and the official APP will be launched in early 2016 (hopefully, lol).