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Twitter Internal Business Tools

To support the Twitter monetization eco-system, Twitter builds many internal tools to make it easier for Twitter employees to get their work done. From A/B testing to ads review, these tools serve Twitter researchers, ads review agents, brand safety ops, and many more professionals to get their job done efficiently.

My role

I lead the design to build multiple Twitter business tools and provide comprehensive solutions for diverse users. The products I participated in and launched include ads manager, campaign form, ads review tool, and brand safety tool. If you are interested in this project, please contact me for more details.

Understanding users needs & Downloading domain knowledge

Internal tools are built to accomplish specific tasks. The problems we were approaching are distinct and need tons of domain knowledge and user insights to fully understand the user needs and define problems we should solve. For example, the Ads review tool helps agents quickly review ads and decide whether they should approve or halt the ad. So efficiency is a vital part of the tool. To boost efficiency, we should help users find the information they need quickly, which requires a good information structure and a UI to guide users to see what they need.

My work

I lead the design of the internal A/B testing tool that help Twitter researchers, data scientist, and business analysts to create and manage A/B test on behalf of our performance advertisers. Ads review tool assisting agents in San Francisco, Boulder, and Manila review Twitter ads, user profiles, and in-stream videos fast. The brand safety tool helps our brand-safety contractors keep track of the hot trends and blocking negative terms from branding ads. These tools serve very different user groups with complex use cases, requiring me to quickly adopt domain knowledge and talk to our end users or observe their daily work cycle to fully understand the users.

Ads Review Tool

My job is to design a tool that helps agents quickly determine if an AD breaks the rules. My job is to design a tool that helps agents quickly determine if an AD breaks the rules. I redesigned the end to end flow and solved many user issues with my team, such as arranging the detailed information properly to help agents make fast and accurate judgments.

A/B testing tool

A/B test tool is a vital business tool for Twitter employees to create a split test for Twitter performance advertisers on behalf. It's an important tool to help Twitter clients to get fast and precise insights into their marketing insights. The value of this tool is unlocking more budget by proving platform effectiveness. It will impact the 5k of Twitter top performance advertisers and lever our revenue to another level.

Brand Safety Tool

The brand safety tool helps our agents to protect our advertisers from toxic or harmful content. It's a key feature to maintain clients' branding value. I lead the design to improve the end-to-end flow, from accessing the most recent sensitive trends to block diplomatic terms. It gives agents an efficient way to get their job done efficiently and better cooperate with their peers by providing clear visibility. By boosting agents' efficiency, they can react quickly and avoid the negative impact on our clients.

Designing these internal tools has helped me understand more about how advertising systems work in the modern world. And get to know better of many different roles that working behind the scenes to support the better operation of the advertising life cycle.

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